Bed Bugs And Other Pests You May Be Forced To Deal With

A pest problem can be very intense and it may leave you feeling hopeless, before all is said and done. Unfortunately, there are numerous pests out there and each of them would love to take shelter in your home. Some, such as bedbugs, will actually feed on your blood! Although Phoenix bed bugs have made a major impact and have made headlines throughout the city, they’re not the only pests that can drive you up the wall. Below, you’ll discover a breakdown of some of the most detrimental pests that you will ever face.

Bed Bugs

When it comes down to it, the sheer thought of a bug sucking your blood is frightening and repulsive. This is exactly what bedbugs will do. After they’ve entered your home, they’ll lay dormant until you lay down to sleep at night. Once the lights are shut off and after you’ve fell sound asleep, they’ll come out and strike. They’ll bite you all over your body, return to their hiding place, and reproduce rapidly. Unfortunately, identifying a bedbug infestation is not easy and you may not notice their presence until you’ve been bitten repeatedly. The only good thing about bedbugs is that they’re unable to transmit disease.


Everyone should be familiar with the cockroach. This bug is definitely one of the most hated, yet cockroaches still manage to defy logic. Despite there being numerous solution options, roaches always find a way to survive and infest more and more homes throughout Phoenix. Unfortunately, cockroaches can transmit diseases, such as gastroenteritis. Living alongside roaches is not an option! Spending too much time with these pests could result in a trip to the hospital, so rapid eradication is a must.


Rodents, such as mice and rats, are likely the most frightening of all. They’re big and truly impossible to ignore. Once you’ve spotted a rat inside of your home, you’ll find yourself on edge at all times! You’ll be scared to roam your home and will be consistently ready to jump off of the floor. Rats and other rodents are more detrimental and dangerous than you could ever imagine. They’re capable of transmitting various diseases, including rat-bite fever, Lassa fever, and even salmonellosis. While it is possible to kill rats with traps, this method is simply too gross for most Americans.

Hiring a professional exterminator for Phoenix bed bugs is truly a much more logical and reasonable option.


Termites are very tricky. Although they’re very unlikely to harm humans, they’re incredibly destructive! They can turn a million-dollar home into something of very little value over a period of time. Why? Well, they actually feed on wood. Once termites have infested your home, they’ll begin gnawing on your home’s wooden structure. Over time, this can take a toll and make your home’s structure weak and wobbly.

If you do not eliminate the bugs quick enough, your home may become unsafe and uninhabitable. Therefore, it is essential to speak with a professional exterminator! They’re the only ones that will be able to help you deal with such a problem in a safe, effective, and efficient manner.

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