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After serving the residents of Gilbert, Arizona for many years, we have learned that many have been unsatisfied with their service provider. Many local bed bug exterminators are ill equipped to deal with modern bedbugs. Over the years, bedbugs have adapted to ensure their survival. They’re less vulnerable to chemical sprays, yet many local extermination firms continue using these products. We believe that it is time to move past the old remedies and to embrace something far more effective. This is why we strongly believe that our team can provide you with a far better service than our competitors. Continue reading below to learn more about the perks of our heat treatment solutions!

Bed Bug Removal in Gilbert – A Treatment With Proven Success

Again, bedbugs have managed to evolve over the years. They’ve done so to ensure the survival of their species. Today, bedbugs have harder shells, which make them less vulnerable to chemical sprays. Thankfully, our extermination team has found a far more effective way to remove bedbugs from the home. Our bedbug removal is far more effective than chemical sprays and this is simply one of the benefits provided. Our heat treatment has proven to be effective repeatedly and it is also totally safe for everyone involved. In fact, our heat machines will protect you, your loved ones and your pets.

Still, they’ll make sure that those bedbugs are completely eradicated from your property.

Feel Free To Check Out Our Customer Ratings And Testimonials

We are a leading bed bug exterminator that services the residents of Gilbert, AZ. Our office is conveniently located in the city to ensure residents our services are accessible. Most of our employees were born and raised in Gilbert, so they are very familiar with the city and surrounding areas. When you request our services, a technician will be dispatched out to your home or business at your earliest convenience.

Before hiring our company to treat your bed bug infestation, please check out our customer testimonials. Our faithful customers have taken the time to leave these statements to help others looking to hire a professional exterminator. These statements are a wealth of information, as they provide details about our technicians and company that no one else would know. When you read these testimonials, you will be ready to hire our company to tackle your bed bug problem.

We Offer Written Contractual Agreements

As a legitimate extermination company in Gilbert, we offer all consumers a written contract. Included in the contract is a list of pesticides, services, labor and other treatments that will be utilized to eradicate the bed bug infestation. Also included in the contract is a set price that will not be changed unless another problem is detected in the near future. If you decide to delay action, the severity of the infestation will become more severe, which means the treatment will need to be changed. The more severe the infestation, the more complex the treatment will be, so we will be forced to increase the price.

A written contract is an agreement that is considered to be binding. We will value the contract as long as you do not delay action. We highly recommend not accepting an oral contract from any extermination company, because they are harder to enforce.

A Service Well Worth The Price

Many bedbug removal firms are only interested in making money on your back. They do not care about ethics or doing things right. Instead, they want to charge as much as possible and they’ll be happy to visit your property numerous times. We’re the complete opposite. We actually want to help you and your family. We might not be the cheapest extermination company in Gilbert, but we believe that our prices are more than reasonable. When you select us, you can guarantee that you’ll be treated right from start to finish. Our company will kill the bugs with heat and clean up the mess before we go.

We strive to do everything by the books to ensure the client is completely satisfied with the service they receive.

Take Advantage Of Our Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs(CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!)

If you have done any research on bed bugs you have probably already learned that these critters are extremely resilient and even harder to discover. Sure, an exterminator can come into your home, setup traps, wait a week, and come back to check the traps, but this is a whole week that you will have to live with the infestation. This is something that our company completely tries to avoid as we offer bed bug sniffing dogs for a detection method. With over 1,000 sense receptors located in their noses a properly trained bed bug sniffing dog can locate an infestation within just a matter of minutes.

This not only cuts the inspection time in half, but it allows up to present you with your treatment options right away, so that we can get started on eliminating the problem.

We Offer Financing

Bed bug treatment is by no means cheap, but when you need it, it is something that you need right away. Our company understands that and we know that the economy has not been in the best of shape recently. That is why we offer a variety of different payment options including financing. If you have good enough credit, we can allow you to make weekly or monthly payments on your bill. This allows us to come in and go ahead and take care of the problem, so you don’t have to live in an infested home.

We Only Hire The Best

Any company will not make it without great employees, and this is why we ensure that we only hire the best and the brightest. None of our employees are hired on without undergoing thorough background, history, and education checks. In fact, we make our techs take a variety of tests and field checks before we hire them on. This ensures us that we know that our employees are fully equipped, trained, and knowledgeable enough to handle your even need.

In addition to this, once our employees are hired on they are required to attend continuing education classes ever year. Bed bugs are only getting smarter and becoming more of a problem and we won’t to make sure that we are equipped with the most reliable and recent knowledge to handle them in the most effective manner possible.

Why We’re The Number One Bed Bug Exterminator In Gilbert

We might have a few competitors in Gilbert, but we strive to provide a far better service than our competitors. We honestly believe that our clients will be better served by us than any of our rivals. This is not an empty statement. We have gone to great efforts to perfect our service to ensure you will be completely satisfied. In the list below, you’ll find out about the perks that we’ll deliver to you!

  • Our bed bug extermination company is licensed and insured for your peace of mind
  • Our technicians are background checked, drug screened, and thoroughly trained
  • Our prices are reasonable and we’ll deliver more transparency than our rivals
  • Our heat treatment is actually effective
  • We can deliver covert solution to ensure your problems remain concealed
  • We can meet and exceed the needs of residentials and commercial clients
  • We offer bedbug removal services around the clock
  • We will not leave your home messy

We’re Always Here For Your Family!

Some firms do not believe in working in the evening or on the weekend. We do not mind. We just want to be able to help our clients. We’ll always do our best to ensure that the client gets an amazing service and we also aim to protect you. When you’re ready to get rid of those problematic bugs, you’ll want to get in touch with us and learn more about our heat treatment solutions!


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