How Bed Bug Extermination Companies Detect Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the hardest pests in the world to spot inside the home. All the signs that your home is infested might be there, but trying to obtain that little bit of proof you need can be troublesome. These bugs will hide in some of the most out of way places and they will only come out and feed while you are sleeping. So, in order to get proof that these pests are in fact inside your home, extermination companies will utilize specialized equipment and innovative detection methods. Below, you will learn about some of the detection methods that bed bug extermination companies in Phoenix employ.


Understanding Interception Devices


Interception devices are very effective and have been used for years by a large quantity of extermination companies. They are also a very inexpensive detection method since they have been around for quite some time. These devices are strategically placed beneath the legs of beds, sofas, and other furniture. After these devices are installed, they will trap and kill off bed bugs that are traveling from their hiding places to their intended feeding area. These devices are also good at trapping bugs that are trying to migrate away from the infected area and travel to other areas of the home. So, not only can these devices be used as a detection method, they can also be used to control an infestation and keep it contained in one area of the home.


A Look At Active Monitoring Devices


Active monitoring devices are a little bit newer to the industry than interceptions device. However, they have been proven to be very effective at early detection of bed bugs. Unfortunately, they are slightly more expensive, but offer several advantages that simple are not available with the alternative interception devices. These products are very similar to interception devices, but they use attachments like heat, CO2, and other chemicals to actually lure the bugs into the trap. Alternatively, interception devices do not use any kind of chemical lure to attract bed bugs.


Canine Scent Detection Methods


Both of the above methods are very effective at detecting bed bugs, but they can be a bit on the slow side. Bed bugs do not come out every night to feed. In fact, some bugs can go for months at a time without eating anything at all. This could make detection very difficult. Due to these facts, many extermination companies are turning to canine scent detection methods. This method uses specially trained canines that actually come into the home and sniff out the pests. While a high level of accuracy has been proven with these dogs in controlled areas, there are still many people out there that have their doubts about the animals and their effectiveness bed bug extermination companies in Phoenix

If you are consider going down the road of hiring a canine to sniff out bed bugs in your home, it will be imperative that you do extensive research on the company that you are considering. Make sure that they have great reviews, otherwise you might end up paying a lot of money for no good reason.

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