How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Hiring A Bed Bug Removal Company

When attempting to rectify a bedbug infestation, you’ll likely feel obligated to work quickly. Allowing a pest problem to sit will only give it time to worsen. Rapid rectification is pertinent, but it is also wise to move forward cautiously. If you’re not careful, you may wind up falling prey to a scammer. Your identity might be compromised or you may end up losing your money. How can you avoid getting scammed when trying to hire a bed bug removal company in Phoenix? Read the information below and find out.

Find A Physical Address

When searching for bed bug exterminators, you will most certainly be able to find twenty or thirty different companies within Phoenix. Unfortunately, some of these companies might not be legitimate companies at all. To confirm their presence, you should look at their websites and look them up in your local phone book. There, you should be able to find their physical address. Head to the physical address and make sure the company actually has a legitimate headquarters. If you find yourself at someone’s apartment, you can guarantee the company is up to something fishy.

State License

The state of Arizona has put measures in place to protect local consumers from potentially shady companies. This is especially true, when it comes to exterminators. These professionals are required to obtain a license and follow by a specific set of guidelines and rules. If the company isn’t licensed, you can pretty much guarantee they’re up to no good. Be sure to check and confirm the license online, before hiring the company. If there is no such license or it has been suspended for some reason, you should avoid working with the company at all costs.

Contact The Insurer

Each and every bed bug exterminator company in Phoenix should have insurance. The insurance helps to protect the consumer from unnecessary costs, while also putting their mind at ease. When attempting to select an exterminator, you will want to force them to show their proof of insurance. Take the information and make direct contact with the supposed insurer. When making contact with this company, you will be able to confirm whether or not the exterminator is actually insured. If they’re not, but they’re still showing a proof of insurance, you should alert the authorities right away!

Get A Quote

There are many shady companies that have been known to add fees onto the price, after the service has been completed. In order to prevent this from happening, you should request a quote from the exterminator in question. Allow them to come out to your home, perform an inspection, and provide you with a price estimate. Be sure to ask whether or not the quote is binding. If it is not binding, there is a chance they will add on fees after the bedbugs are gone.

However, if the price is binding, the exterminator will be forced to stick with the originally quoted fee. It is wise to get this in writing, so you can prevent problems in the future.

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