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Bedbugs do not discriminate. These hideous creatures are not picky. In fact, they’re pretty much willing to target any household. Even if you go above and beyond to keep your house flawlessly clean, there is a chance that you’ll become a victim of bedbugs. Bedbugs do not feed on food remnants or trash. Instead, they enjoy blood. When you’ve become a victim of bedbugs, you’ll begin to notice bite marks all of your body. After you’ve identified these signs, you’ll want to stop what you’re doing and get in touch with us. We are the leading bed bug exterminator in Tempe, AZ and our solution will clear the bedbugs from your property before you know it.

Our Treatment Actually Works

We’re surprised to learn that some bed bug exterminators in Tempe still rely on old-fashioned solutions. If you choose an unreliable extermination firm, there is a good chance that they’ll try to treat your bedbugs using chemical sprays. This will be a risky mistake. There is a possibility that the sprays will not work and they could even put you and your family in danger! We actually have a treatment that is safe and 100% effective. Research has concluded that bedbugs cannot survive when exposed to extreme heats. This is why we prefer using heat machines for the removal of bedbugs.

With our assistance, your home will be free of bedbugs before you know it. Within a matter of hours, you’ll be able to return to your home for good!

We Protect Our Clients

We strive to provide our clients with an amazing service that will prove to be effective. We also believe in delivering a treatment that will not put the client in a dangerous situation. We understand what you’re going through. We serve people just like you each and every day. We’re here to calm your nerves and put your mind at rest. When you choose us as your bed bug extermination team, you can rest assured knowing that your problem will be solved in a jiffy. We’ll work with you and your family every step of the way to guarantee that those pesky bedbugs are eradicated for once and all.

Emergency Services Are Available

Bedbugs love feeding at night. They often wait until the victim is asleep, before emerging and feeding on their skin. Therefore, there is a good chance that you’ll become aware of your problem during the middle of the evening or late or night. Do not worry. You will not have to wait until the morning to fix your problem. We’re here for you around the clock. You probably want to eliminate your problem as quickly as possible and we sympathize with you. This is why we offer emergency services. If you need assistance in the middle of the day or at midnight, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll be there to lend you a helping hand.

More Transparent Than Anyone Else

Our bedbug removal firm understands how easy it is to be skeptical of modern service providers. We aim to put the client’s nerves at ease by remaining open and transparent. We want to gain the client’s trust and we’ll do that by remaining truthful and honest from start to finish. When you work with us, you’ll be provided with a realistic price and a truthful timeline. We will never overexaggerate. Free quotes are available, so you can know exactly what you’ll be asked to pay after the treatment has concluded. Simultaneously, we’ll always remain on schedule.

If we tell you that we’ll be there at 6 PM, we’ll probably be there a little earlier!

We Teach Our Customers How To Protect Their Home From Infestations

You cannot protect your home from bed bug infestations, if you are unfamiliar with the topic. Bed bug infestations are extremely common in developing countries, but are making a quick comeback in America, Canada and Europe. These pests are highly known for hitchhiking rides with strangers, so do not be surprised if you become their next target. Anyone who spends time abroad, lives in college dorms, frequently stays in hotels and owns a temporary boarding facility is at risk of bedbug infestations. This is why it is crucial to get educated now.

Our company is dedicated to the residents of Tempe, AZ and will do whatever is necessary to help them become familiar with pest infestations. We offer free pamphlets and information on bed bug infestations, including treatment options and preventions. Our technicians and office personnel can teach you how to protect your home from becoming a harbor for bed bugs. Just contact our office to learn more about this free service.

We Can Detect A Bed Bug Infestation Within Minutes

Our technicians have undergone weeks of training. So, they can detect a bed bug infestation within minutes upon arrival to your home. On the day of the scheduled in-home inspection, the technician will scour through your home looking for bed bug hiding places. These critters do not make nests, but they do like to hide inside of dark, warm crevices, cracks, carpet, upholstery furniture, carpet, stuffed animals and old clothing. Our technicians are very familiar with these hiding places, so they will look there first and continue until they find every hiding place in your home.

Once the hiding places are located, the technician will then begin to devise a treatment plan specifically for your home. You will have the option of choosing from multiple treatment options that are reasonably priced.

Reducing Risks By Reducing Clutter

You do not need to be classified as a hoarder to get a bed bug infestation. However, the extra clutter will make your home more susceptible to an infestation. This is why we highly recommend removing the clutter from, before bed bugs invite themselves into your home. If you fail to heed to these warnings and the bed bugs hitchhike home with you, an infestation will be inevitable. Female adult bedbugs lay up to 200 eggs within their lifespan. So, if there are hundreds of females living in your home, you will be facing a severe infestation within a matter of months. To avoid these risks, just remove the clutter from your home and take it to a trash recycling center.

We’re Unlike Anyone Else In Tempe

We offer the best bedbug treatment in Tempe and we’re far different from our competitors. Unlike everyone else, we actually care about our client and their satisfaction. If you’re not happy with our work, neither are we! We’ll do whatever we can to fix the problem and return a smile to your face.

  • Our prices are reasonable. We might not be the cheapest, but we believe that we’re the best!
  • We deliver maximum transparency, so you can be ready for what comes your way.
  • We actually work with the client from step to step.
  • Our technicians are trained to remove the bedbugs effectively and safely.
  • Your safety is our top priority. We’ll never use products that might be dangerous to your health.
  • Read our customer testimonials and we’ll see that our previous clients loved our service.
  • We’re always ready to work hard for you! We can serve you at any time of the day or night.

Our Phone Lines Are Open

We’re eager to get to know you. When you’re ready to take full advantage of our treatments, you should stop what you’re doing and get in touch with us. We’ll make sure that your problem is solved as quickly and conveniently as possible!


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