The Dangers Of Carrying Out Bed Bug Treatment

Bedbug infestations are not the easiest problem to eradicate, but with the right tools you will be well on your way to an insect-free home. Most homeowners choose to treat their bedbug infestation alone, instead of contacting a professional exterminator. While, this is a great option that could potentially save you some money, it will take a lot of work and determination to pull it off. Below, you will discover the dangers of carrying out bed bug treatment processes in Phoenix.

Dangerous Inhalants


Many over-the-counter and commercial pesticides contain harmful ingredients. These ingredients, when released into the atmosphere will produce a chemical vapor that can cause severe side effects. When the chemicals are inhaled into the respiratory tract, they can immediately begin to damage the mucosa. Individuals that suffer from respiratory ailments such as COPD and asthma are always going to be at a higher risk. This is because their lungs are already compromised by disease.

The chemical vapors can also damage the nervous system, causing the victim to exhibit hallucinogenic effects. Utilizing pesticides in an enclosed environment is much worse than utilizing them outdoors. If you choose to utilize the products, be sure to pick up a respirator mask at the local improvement store. Once you complete the treatment process, you should immediately open up the windows. This will allow the toxic chemicals to freely escape into the environment and let the fresh air into the home.

Furniture And Carpet Damage

As mentioned above, bedbug pesticides contain various harmful ingredients. These ingredients will not only turn into a toxic inhalant, but they will also damage your furniture and carpet. Bedbugs tend to hide in the smallest crevices along baseboards, wall, electric outlets, corners, fabric furniture, and bedding. The only way to eradicate the insects is to make sure they come into contact with the pesticide. Of course, you can always vacuum your bedding and carpet, but you will still need to follow up with an over-the-counter pesticide.

The only true way to prevent this damage from occurring, when treating a bedbug infestation in your home is with the heat treatment. A licensed exterminator always renders this treatment, since the machine utilized to produce the heat is very expensive. This treatment is a little more expensive than the DIY treatment option, but it could potentially end up saving you a lot of money, time, and grief in the long. Know the bed bug treatment processes in Phoenix

Keeping Pets Safe


Any time you are treating your home with pesticides or foggers, you must keep your pets’ safety in mind. Before rendering treatment, you should take the animals to a safe location. If you do not have a family member to rely on, you can always contact your local pet boarding facility. Domestic animals can exhibit similar reactions to toxic chemicals as humans. Do not let the animal go back into the home until the home has sufficient time to ventilate. Avoid utilizing the heating and air conditioning unit, since the chemicals can get trapped in the ductwork and remain there for a very long time.

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