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As a resident of Phoenix, you are amongst 1.56 million other like-minded individuals. Phoenix just happens to be the capital of Arizona, so it is an imperative city. And, you are undoubtedly an important individual. You’re important for your family, your children, spouse, and your employer. Unfortunately, life can sometimes throw a few speedbumps in your path. Will you accelerate and leap these obstacles without hesitation? Or will you be required to slow down and let others pass you by? If you’re dealing with Phoenix bed bugs, you should make contact with us. We’ll help you overcome the obstacle you’re facing quickly and affordably.

Before learning about our benefits, it is essential to learn a little more about bedbugs, their behaviors, and their risks.

No Home Treatment for Phoenix Bed Bug Removal

There is often a misconception that bedbugs can be eliminated with ease. Some believe they can run out to their local retail store, purchase a chemical spray, and eliminate the bugs within a few minutes. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. Sadly, the best bed bug treatment in Phoenix is one that is carried out by a professional (like us). Although it may not seem like it, hiring a professional will prove to be less costly than carrying out the treatment on your own. Why?

With over-the-counter solutions, you will be required to proceed through a trial and error phase. If you’re lucky, you may be able to find a reliable chemical on the first attempt, but most will not. With our innovative heat machine, we can help you eradicate the bugs in a single visit. Therefore, our bed bug removal service in Phoenix is the most cost effective of all.

Major Risks

When taking the time to speak with a Phoenix bed bug exterminator, you will likely want to ask them about the risks associated with these pests. This should be anyone’s first concern. There is some good news on this front. The health risks associated with bedbugs are fairly limited. These bugs cannot give you a deadly disease, despite being frequent biters. Nonetheless, bedbugs are risky for other reasons. They’ll prevent you from sleeping as you regularly would. This can take a toll on your body over a period of time.

And, bedbugs can truly do a lot of damage to your home. They’ll leave behind a major mess unless you get them removed quickly. If you want to maintain your home’s maximum value, rapid eradication is pertinent.

How To Contain A Bedbug Infestation

One female adult bedbug can lay 120 eggs every 3-4 months. Just imagine if you had 100 females living in your home, this should give you some idea of how fast the infestation can spread. Bedbugs are not deterred from traveling, but they prefer to stay stationary. Of course, this does not mean that they will not hitch a ride home with your guests. If the bedbug does not have adequate blood meals, they will not remain in your home. An adult bedbug can survive up to 11-12 months, without consuming a blood meal, but they prefer to eat whenever they want to.

White Horse Pest Management can provide you with brochures and prevention guides, so if you have any unanswered questions, give us a call. The only true way to prevent the spread of an infestation is with proper treatment. Once you detect the infestation, you should avoid inviting guests to your home and allowing your children to spend the night with their friends. In the meantime, you should immediately get to work cleaning up the clutter in your home.

Get rid of unwanted stuffed animals, clothing, fabric furniture, and bedding. Before moving the items out of the bedroom, you should place them in a plastic bag and seal it tight. This will keep the insects trapped inside the bag until it is disposed of properly.

#1 Phoenix Pest Control Services

We are rated by our customers as one of the best pest control companies in Phoenix. Our customer satisfaction guarantee ensures a high-quality pest control service. You remain in control, starting the minute you agree to hire our Phoenix pest extermination company. This is a promise we offer to all of our customers. To initiate the home pest program, a thorough interior and exterior inspection of your property must be completed. This process helps our certified licensee exterminators determine the types of pests that are invading your home.

Once the in-home inspection is completed, one of your exterminators will provide you with a lest of effective pest treatments to choose from. Your options will depend on the common pest, which can vary from carpenter ants to cockroaches to bed bugs. We rely on integrated pest control methods to deliver the highest level of effectiveness available in the pest control industry.

We Guaranteed Accessible Pest Control Services

As one of the top pest control companies in Phoenix, we strive to make our pigeon control, bark scorpion control, mosquito control, rodent control, and bee removal services accessible to all Phoenix residents. Whether you live on Indian School Rd, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Apache Junction, Cave Creek, or Queen Creek, we are your go-to locally owned pest control service.

Our home pest controls services ensure effective pest prevention in all settings – residential, commercial, and industrial. Unlike some pest control companies, we will work around your budget. Since we began serving Phoenix AZ residents, we have combated and defeated thoughts of pest infestations.

Our Arizona pest exterminators have many years of experience working with state-of-the-art equipment and pest control treatments. If you believe your home is infested with some type of pest, we recommend checking out our family owned pest library. Here, you will find the answers to the most common pest questions, information about all household pests, and much more.

Our Commercial Pest Control Company Knows How To Prevent Pests Infestations

We are a locally owned and operated commercial pest control Phoenix company. Our company has been family owned way before we served our first Phoenix customer. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a pest infestation in a commercial setting. When a commercial pest infestation is detected, it is crucial to prevent further exposure. This is especially true for temporary rental management services. If your pest infestation goes public, it could ruin your reputation in a matter of a few short hours.

Our professional pest exterminators can help prevent this from happening to your company. Our exterminators are conveniently located near Paradise Valley, Apache Junction, Cave Creek, Litchfield Park, City West, and Fountain Hills. We can dispatch one of these professionals out to your business within a few hours of your notification.

We have happily served businesses in Phoenix and the surrounding areas for a long time. And, we do not plan on quitting any time soon. If you are in need of a pest control provider, look no further than our Phoenix pest control company. We keep our exterminators in standby mode just for this very reason. We understand how pertinent it is to eradicate pest infestations in all commercial settings now instead of later.

Our Pest Control Services Are Competitively Priced

We stay one step ahead of other pest control companies in Phoenix by offering competitive pricing. We recommend conducting a comparison of our and several other pest control services. We guarantee that our scorpion control, spider control, termite control, and other pest control prices are lower.

Our extermination team knows the Phoenix area like the backs of their hands. We can dispatch one of these professionals out to your home or business to complete a thorough inspection of your Litchfield Park or City West property.

Why We’re the Best Bed Bug Treatment Team Phoenix Has Seen

Our company is unlike any other exterminator within Phoenix. We’ve set ourselves apart by catering to the client and their precise needs. We never focus entirely on making a profit. Instead, our main goal is to provide each and every client with a pleasant experience, while delivering the results that they deserve. We will work with you to ensure you receive the service you need, the price you deserve, and that the treatment is carried out on your terms.

  • Our technicians are more than willing to listen to your concerns and suggestions. If there is anything we can do to calm your concerns and better accommodate your schedule, you can guarantee we’ll do it. We can carry out the treatment, while you’re at work or school, and you’ll never know why we’re at your home.
  • Many exterminators are not willing to put the client’s mind at ease. We are and we’ve taken measures to do just that. All of our company’s employees are carefully screened before they’re added to the roster.
  • If you would like references or a free quote, be sure to tell us. We’re truly happy to accommodate your desires. We offer free, no-obligation quotes, and can also provide you with references. And, our quotes are binding, so you can guarantee we will not tack on fees after all is said and done.
  • We strive to protect our customers’ personal information. We understand that this is a very stressful situation that you are dealing with and want to keep it among family members only.
  • We only use safe solutions. Chemical sprays are not safe and they’re actually no longer efficient for eliminating bedbugs. We would never use them in your home, as they would present a health risk to you, your family, and your pests.
  • We will not leave your home, until each and every bedbug has perished!

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