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Phoenix AZ Professional Beetle Pest Control

Beetles are insect species of varying sizes and colors. Scientists believe there are between 250,000 and 350,000 beetle species. The diet consists of smaller insects, decaying organic material, various plant species, and roadkill. The most commonly reported sightings reported in Phoenix involve the ground, longhorn, and powder post beetles.

Why Is My Phoenix Home Infested With Beetles?

In the natural habitat, beetles are drawn to decaying firewood and lumber piles, yard debris piles, tree stumps, downed trees, and branches. In the human living space, the beetle becomes a “pantry pest.Pantry pests are insect species that infiltrate homes to access food stored in pantries. Unlike many insect species that infiltrate homes and businesses, the beetle continues to feed on pantry foods.

Small cracks, holes, crevices, and gaps are utilized to infiltrate buildings by beetles.

Do Beetles Spread Disease To Humans?

Beetles do bite, but they are not venomous. A beetle bite may cause a mild to moderate allergic reaction – redness, edema (swelling), and itchiness. While most beetle species do not spread disease through bites, they do carry contaminates on their body and fecal matter. These contaminants will end up in all accessible pantry food products.

What Is The Most Recommended Pest Control Strategy For Beetle Infestations?

Beetles colonize to protect their species from extinction. The downside to beetle colonization is an infestation. When pests colonize, they will oftentimes infest. If the beetles colonize in a basement, an infestation is guaranteed to follow.

Beetle infestation cannot be treated with any pest control product other than industrial-strength pesticides. We believe our professional beetle management is the solution because it comes to visual inspections, adhesive traps, and industrial-strength pesticides to ensure maximum results.

Will DIY Pesticides Eradicate A Beetle Infestation?

Over-the-counter pesticides are generally not potent enough to eradicate beetle infestations. These pest control products are barely potent enough to eradicate a few handfuls of beetles with each treatment. We do not recommend over-the-counter pesticides for beetle infestations.

How Do I Request A Beetle Inspection At My Phoenix Home?

Contact our Phoenix extermination company to submit your beetle inspection service request. We highly suggest not delay action because it could compromise the pest control process. Taking the appropriate pest control action will put you on the right step to a pest-free home.

We need at least 24 hours to process your beetle inspection service request.

Do Industrial-Strength Beetle Pest Control Products Contain Harmful Ingredients?

Pesticide formulas that contain chemicals can be harmful to the environment. However, it is possible for Phoenix exterminators to minimize these risks by heeding the manufacturer’s recommendations. Yes, chemical-based pesticides do contain harmful ingredients. But, with the help of Arizona manufacturers and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Phoenix exterminators can do their jobs more effectively.

We can treat beetle infestations in homes and businesses of all sizes, in all locations. Our goal is and has always been to deliver high-quality pest control services to all Phoenix consumers.

The EPA is a federal government agency that oversees the manufacturing and sales of all pesticide products in the United States.

Is Professional Beetle Control Affordable?

We believe it is, especially when you consider it offers speedy results up to two industrial-strength pesticide treatments. When two industrial-strength pesticide treatments are compared to three, four, five, six, or more over-the-counter pesticide. So, it may be possible to save money by opting for professional pest control when combating a beetle infestation.

What Can I Do To Protect My Phoenix Home From A Repeat Beetle Infestation?

Beetles infiltrate homes via tiny cracks, gaps, and crevices. To keep your home beetle-free, it is crucial to seal these exterior-to-interior access points. Utilize a waterproof sealant to fill small holes and custom plywood to seal large openings around water lines and electrical wiring.

Beetles are unique pests that do spread contaminants on surfaces utilized for food preparation. The contaminants end up in the victims’ food supply when it is not properly sealed in glass containers with lids. If you are still storing your non-perishable food products in the original manufacturing packaging, you can expect them to be infiltrated by beetles.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our Phoenix extermination team. We will dispatch one of these experts to your home to discuss a professional beetle management strategy.

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