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Phoenix AZ Professional Carpenter Bee Pest Control

The Carpenter bee is a parasocial, stinging insect. Parasocial insect species do not colonize, but instead, live alone or with a mate. Carpenter bees find a mate for breeding. Soon after breeding, the male carpenter bee dies and the female continues forward, erecting a nest for her young. The female bores holes in decaying wood structures, such as deck railing, mailbox posts, birdhouses, downed trees, and tree stumps.

Why Is My Phoenix Property Infested With Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees appear to target properties with rotting wood structures. The insect relies on these structures for housing their young. After the male is deceased, the female initiates a search for a suitable decaying wood structure that will be utilized for nesting. Holes will be bored in the decaying wood and the nests will be placed deep inside the holes bored in the wood.

If your property is infiltrated by carpenter bees, it is likely due to rotting wood, which can take on many forms. Once the nest is erected, it will become the carpenter bee’s go-to place each breeding season here on out.

Do Carpenter Bees Transmit Disease?

No, carpenter bees do not transmit diseases to humans. The female is the only carpenter bee with stinging capabilities, which she rarely puts to use. Even though, carpenter bee females rarely sting, it is not recommended to enter their personal space without the property safety equipment and extermination equipment.

While carpenter bees do not spread disease, they do extensive damage to the wooden structures they target. In addition to the damage caused by carpenter bees, the structure sustains significant damage caused by woodpeckers. These bird species will do just about anything to access carpenter bee larvae, even spend hours pecking away at the holes bored by the female.

What Is The Most Effective Pest Control Method For Carpenter Bee Infiltration?

Professional pest control is the best option for the filtration of carpenter bees. Our professional carpenter bee pesticides are high-quality, industrial-strength formulas that are powerful enough to eradicate adult carpenter bees and their larvae.

While carpenter bees do not colonize, they can infest rotting wooden structures. How is this possible? It is possible with the help of female carpenter bees. As mentioned previously, female carpenter bees return to the same nest from one breeding season to the next. They also share their nests with other carpenter bee females.

Can I Try To Eradicate Carpenter Bees Without Hiring An Exterminator?

If you believe DIY pest control will work for you, do not hesitate to put it to the test. And, if it does not work, then you can contact our Phoenix-based extermination team. We take pride in helping the people of Phoenix keep their homes and properties pest-free. However, it is crucial to note, carpenter bees are dangerous insects when provoked. It is not recommended to approach a carpenter bee nest without the property safety equipment.

Even though the female carpenter bee rarely stings, she will if her young comes under threat by humans or animals. Unlike wasp and hornet nests, carpenter bee nests are not always visible because they are hidden inside decaying trees and other wood structures. So, it is easy to see why someone would accidentally walk upon a carpenter bee nest, putting themselves in grave danger.

Does Carpenter Bee Insecticides Post Human Health Risks?

Chemical-based insecticides do pose some environmental and human health risks. However, these pest control products are safe when utilized per the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is also advised to only invest in brands that have gone through the proper channels to obtain Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is a federal government agency responsible for overseeing pesticide sales and manufacturing in the United States.

How Can I Protect My Phoenix Property From A Future Carpenter Bee Infiltration?

If you do not want carpenter bees to return next breeding season, it is crucial to have all decaying trees, tree stumps, downed trees, porch railing, mailbox boxes, garages, sheds, and decks. It is also important to carefully access every component of your home’s structure. During the assessment, you need to determine if each component is in good condition. All decaying components should be repaired or replaced immediately.

Never approach a carpenter bee nest without safety equipment. Contact our Phoenix extermination team for assistance.

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