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Professional Occasional Invader Pest Control Phoenix Arizona

Occasional invader is a term utilized in reference to a classification of insect species that occasionally invade residential and commercial establishments. The occasional invader generally does not breed following home infiltration. While some of the insect species that belong to this classification do feed following infiltration, others do not. Beetle and cluster fly species are just two examples.

Occasional invaders can be found indoors hiding underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, basements, crawlspaces, and shower rooms. Just about anywhere damp, warm, dark, and discrete is the perfect hideout for occasional invaders.

Insects that fit the occasional invader classification include the following:

Why Is My Phoenix Home Being Infiltrated By Occasional Invaders?

Occasional invaders have several purposes in mind when infiltrating homes. The home infiltration can be accidental or purposely. Whether the insect is looking for a warm, damp, dark, and discrete hiding place for the winter season or in search of food, home infiltration is the outcome.

Do Occasional Invaders Spread Disease To Humans?

It really depends on the species. For example, the cluster fly spreads disease through bites and contaminated fecal matter. Cluster flies have been linked to typhoid fever, yaws, cholera, dysentery, tularemia, tuberculosis (TB), and leprosy. The ladybug, on the other hand, are harmless occasional invaders.

What Is The Best Occasional Invader Pest Control Strategy?

Professional pest control is the most effective occasional invader extermination strategy. It is unfortunate for victims because occasional invaders leave messes everywhere they go. Some even produce a foul odor related to a  pyridine-based secretion. It is crucial to know what you are up against when tackling an occasional invader infiltration.

Some of these insect species take home infiltration to the next level by infesting their victims’ homes. Occasional invader infestation is much worse than home infiltration. While neither is desirable, a full-blown infestation leaves a devastating mess. Before the mess can be cleaned up, the occasional invader infestations must be fully exterminated.

How Do I Request An Occasional Invader Inspection In Phoenix?

By contacting our Phoenix customer support team. We accept email and landline pest control service requests. Our customer support representatives will process your request within 24 and 48 hours.

What Can I Do To Protect My Phoenix Home From A Future Occasional Invader Infestation?

There are plenty of things you can do to make your home’s vulnerable pest barrier stronger. While residential establishments do not have a genuine pest barrier, they do have structural components that offer the same capabilities. Doors, windows, walls, floors, and ceilings are capable of keeping occasional invader species out of your home, but only when they are in good condition.

  • Develop a regular cleaning schedule for your home
  • Remove household waste to an outdoor trash bin at least once a day
  • Fill in occasional invader entry points with a waterproof sealant (caulk or silicone)
  • Repair or replace damaged, leaky water pipes
  • Install dehumidifiers and vents to improve circulation and reduce humidity in the basement, crawlspace, and bathroom
  • Inspect grocery or supermarket bags as soon as they are brought into the home. If possible, inspect the bags before they enter the home
  • Contact our Phoenix exterminators for assistance if your efforts fail

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