Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Take steps to prevent bedbugs from invading your home and turning your life upside down. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to minimize the risks involved. For instance, you should learn more about bedbug mattress protectors. They’ll reduce the number of bedbugs in your home, but they won’t wipe out the infestation. Still, using a cover is a good way to simplify the problem.

Bedbugs Hide In Homes

Bedbugs are tricky because they know where to hide to ensure that you won’t find them. Once they’ve invaded a dwelling, they’re going to find a suitable place to hide. They often hide in places people rarely check. For instance, they’re going to hide on your mattress and box spring. It is estimated that as much as 90% of the infestation will hide on the mattress and box spring. Suffice to say, it is pertinent to target the bedbugs at the source. Doing so will make a big difference.

Kill the bedbugs on the mattress and the infestation will shrink rapidly.

Bedbug Mattress Protectors

All homeowners and renters should learn about bedbug mattress protectors because they’re beneficial. These products are designed to cover the mattress or box spring in your bedroom. They’re generally made of a sheet of fabric with a zipper. Wrap it around your mattress and use the zipper to secure it in place. Once you’ve done this, any bugs hiding on the mattress will be trapped. They will not be able to escape the mattress or eat. As a result, it is going to take a few weeks for the bedbugs on the mattress to starve to death.

Plus, it will prevent more bedbugs from reaching and hiding on the mattress.

Choose A Mattress Protector

Don’t waste your money on a low-quality mattress cover. Take your time and pick the best one for your individualistic needs.

A Full Cover

First and foremost, consumers should choose a full mattress cover. To be effective, it should cover the entire mattress. Some do not and they’re not as effective as the others. Make sure that the cover is designed to cover your mattress. You may find mattress covers of different sizes to match the various mattress sizes.

Durably Sealed

At the end of the day, you’ll want your mattress cover to last. Plus, you want it to work as intended. With that being said, you should choose one that is durable. It shouldn’t rip or tear easily. Furthermore, the mattress cover should have a high-quality zipper.


Don’t forget to pick a mattress cover that has been extensively tested. If it hasn’t been tested, you won’t know whether it’ll work. If it has been tested, you’ll know for certain that it is going to work exceptionally well.


Finally, you need to pick a safe mattress cover. Some of these products contain toxins because they help kill bedbugs. The only problem is that these chemicals are unsafe and they’ll be close to you. Choose a toxin-free cover to protect your health.

Bedbug Mattress Encasements Help

Although there are other ways to kill bedbugs, a mattress encasement will help. These products can help eliminate bedbugs hiding on your mattress. As long as the mattress protector is high-quality and the zipper is reliable, it’ll take care of the problem. Still, you’ll have to worry about the remaining bedbugs in your home. The cover won’t get rid of the bedbugs hiding on the bed frame or rugs. It is best to work with a qualified professional because they know how to eradicate the remaining bedbugs.

It is a good idea to obtain quotes from several local exterminators before choosing one.

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