Traveling To Phoenix, Arizona Can Be Educational And Exciting

Arizona is located in the southwestern part of the United States, situated in the Sonoran Desert. Phoenix just happens to be the sixth largest American city and the most populous. Although, many tourists are not fond of the Phoenix summer weather, the locals find it very enjoyable. When traveling to this area during the summer months, you should be sure to invest in several bottles of sunscreen, before heading to the airport. White Horse Pest Management

Phoenix Zoo

Thousands of tourists visit the Phoenix Zoo every year, just so they can capture a glimpse of an endangered species. The zoo currently houses over 1,400 wild animals that are refuge in the most spectacular living environments that replicate the natural world. The animals are very accustomed to strangers so do not be surprised if they do something silly, just to grab your attention. The Phoenix Zoo also hosts various public events, plus they are always looking for couples, graduates, and nonprofit organizations to host their event, as well. White Horse Pest Management

Arizona Science Center

Everyone is intrigued with science and technology. The Arizona Science Centers has an exhibit for everyone. The center is also comprised of an extraordinary planetarium that will leave you dazed. For the movie fan in the family, there is the magnificent IMAX Theater, which is situated in heart of the center.

Comerica Theatre

One of Phoenix’s hottest venues if the Comerica Theatre, which used to be known as the Dodge Theatre. The establishment opened in April of 2002 and is capable of holding 5,000 people. Throughout the years, the venue has been utilized by various organizations and performers, including George Lopez, the WWE, and is frequently used for live boxing events. By visiting the official website of the Comerica Theatre, you will be able to check out their upcoming shows. This will give you the ability to plan your trip accordingly.

Phoenix Art Museum

Want to check out some of the most amazing works of art from America, Asia, Latin America, and Europe? If so, you’ll definitely want to plan a trip to the Phoenix Art Museum. The facility is home to more than 18,000 works of art. It includes modern and contemporary pieces, as well as fashion and design works. The museum is located on North Central Avenue, so it is easily accessible and can be visited via public transit. The establishment was opened in 1959 and it remains one of the more visited attractions in Phoenix to this day!